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How do I get to the screen where I enter my tips ?

There are two ways to reach the Tip Entry screen.


1. To tip for a specific competition click the TIP button corresponding to the competition where you would like to tip on the My Competitions screen.

2. You can also enter the tipping screen for a specific competition by clicking the TIP NOW button at the top of the leader board.





How do I enter my tips ?

You need to enter a tip in each race for the tipping competition race meeting. The following screen explains the features of the screen and outlines what you need to do.

How often are prices updated ?

Prices are updated every 5 minutes and then every 30 seconds for runners within the last 5 minutes before a race. To see the updated prices simply click the Refresh icon above the 'Time to jump' heading.


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Participants must nominate one selection that will be a virtual $50 each-way big bet, while their other selections will be virtual $20 each-way bets.

PR TipStar 2020 Belmont Park will use the final, official TABtouch tote win and place dividends to calculate the scores of participants.

In the event of a selection being disqualified for any reason then the participant's selection for that race will receive zero points. In the event of a no-race or an abandoned meeting, the selections of participants will receive zero points.

If a participant does not submit a selection for a given race in a meeting then the eligible participant's selection for that race will receive zero points.

If a participant enters the promotion after the commencement of the first meeting then the eligible participant will receive zero points for all missed races.



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Score Board


How do I see the scoreboard for the tipping competition that I am playing in ?

Click the 'My Competitions' menu item under COMPETITIONS on the left hand side menu. Then click the LEADERBOARD button for the competition whose scoreboard you wish to see.



How often is the score board updated ?

The score board, including results and prices is updated within 3 minutes of the correct weight dividends being posted.


How do I read the score board ?

For tipping competitions where there are more than 1 round there are two views of the scoreboard. They are:

  • the Round View, which shows how tippers scored for a single round in the competition; and
  • the Overall View, which show hot tippers are scoring for the entire competition.


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Missed Tips

What happens if I miss a tip?

You receive no points for a missed tip.


What happens if I miss tips for a complete round?

No points are awarded to you if you miss all tips within a round.


What happens if my tip is scratched after I submit my tips ?

If you make a selection that does not participate in the race then the participant's selection will automatically become the competing horse with the lowest saddlecloth number - for the avoidance of doubt, one is the lowest saddlecloth number;

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Tipping close / lock-out

When does tipping close?

Tips can be entered up to 2 minutes before the advertised start time of a race. After this time has passed, tips for that race cannot be entered or changed. After the third last race has run no further changes can be made or additional tips can be placed.

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Update / Change tips

How do I update tips that I have entered and saved ?

An UPDATE button appears above the selections submitted for a round. By clicking the CHANGE button the tipper can change tips for matches that are not past the advertised start time of the race.


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How do I send a message to the Competition Manager?

Tippers can send an internal email to the competition Manager by going to LEADERBOARD for a particular competition and then clicking the COMMUNICATE tab.

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